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April 29th starting at 12:30 p.m. Ohio's University of Akron will be Rockin' for Relief  - a charity festival and concertYours truly will be lending his skills on five-string fretted, fretless, and six-string basses during the 12:00 - 5:30 time period with a wide variety of music in an attempt to entertain and hopefully raise some money for a city I loved via literature and cinema yet never got the chance to visit...


Updated pages at a glance: 4/06/06

- Look to the left of you.  That's groundbreaking, never-expected news.  Click on the links for the stunning  adequataquasity...

- Do we (still) have new and expanded equipment listings and photos?  Yuppers!!

- The concert listings are up to date.  I'm working on everything else.

- If you come across doubled letters, it's Frontpage screwing with me.  I'm working on it...



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